Quiet Company

8. prosince 2012 v 23:20 | Omonka |  English
Quiet Company

Does not respond to my questions
never talks back
surrounds me with its presence
and will not let me sleep.

It fills my mind with fantasy
brings me back to yesterday,
without semblance and lives everywhere
and cannot leave.

Yesterday a happy face
but now with a cruel expression
looking at me from all corners
It smells lovely from every wall.

It is carried on the wings of olive scent
and floats on a cloud of fruity smoke,
but without semblance and lives everywhere
and cannot leave.

It assures me that I'm alive,
that my blood is warm and healthy.
It convinces me that my heart beats
and without a word makes me laugh.

Disposes my craving for sleep
still makes me constantly dream
Can not feed me
and therefore gives me a reluctance to eat.

It can conjure up the water in my eyes
and let me fly without wings
and still there
cannot leave.

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1 batworld batworld | Web | 11. prosince 2012 v 14:00 | Reagovat

ten vztah ti určitě vynde :D

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