My lovely Stanmore

8. září 2012 v 10:26 | Omonka |  English

My lovely Stanmore.

You were the most sad town when I have first walked your streets. It was a rainy day full of muddy puddles covering the roads. What am I going to do here, I was asking myself.

People passing me by. I get out of the Stanmore train station and take bus number 340 which takes me to centre of Stanmore. Get out of bus and pass the lovely green and red post office with the most kind man behind the counter.
After toping my credit up I buy couple of stamps and envelopes and note pad. Taking it up to Stanmore Park. The lovely lovely lovely english green lawn welcoming me with open arms. With no blanket, I sit myself on the grass listening to the screaming of children on the playground, having fun on see-saw and swings, argueing about whose turn it is now. Yummy mummies pushing buggies with their lilttle sweethearts, their little chubby baby feet sticking out of buggies like pink marshmallows.
I want to start writing letter to my family but I cannot start, distracted by the things going on around me. The cloud blue and gray as usual, making the green grass looking even greener in the contrast with red brick houses. I love the red houses with white windows and doors.
Mix-raced families taking the picnics in the park, while teenagers hiding bottles of wine in the paper bags, playing music loud and pissing off elderly people walking around excercising their old limbs.
The rain starts to pour down from the sky and all the people start packing their stuff. Chdilren refuse to go home and insist on constant swinging and digging sandpits.
Eventually they dont have a choice and have to follow their parents.
Then here it is, my moment, only me and the park, the english rain which I thought I hated for the 4 years which I spent in England. I am sitting on the plain grass facing the sky and catching all the water drops on my cheeks, eyes and nose. My hair completely wet, clothes soaking. I love the rain. This is my last day in England.

Goodbye my lovely Stanmore. I love you.

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